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The German "Mittelstand"

SME Diagnosis 2020: Resilience in times of crisis

In the corona crisis, SMEs benefit from the financial durability they have built up over the past ten years. Their innovative spirit is already recovering, as the SME Diagnosis 2020 shows.

S-Mittelstand Fitness Index 2020: The Future of the German Mittelstand

The Future of the German Mittelstand survey is based on an analysis of performance indicators for corporate clients and corporate lending by the savings banks, as well as on the DSGV sector forecasts.

SME Diagnosis 2019: Expansion of the digital infrastructure is key to success for SMEs

Small and medium size enterprises in Germany have successfully made use of the recent strong years. The challenge will now be to structurally maintain this strength, since under the conditions of the digital economy, much of what has been taken for granted in the past will be called into question in the future.


The state of the Banking Union

Aspects of the Banking Union are changing and endangering crisis-hardened and stabilising structures as the Savings Banks. A glossary is meant to support the opinion-forming process, put each initiative into context and describe their practical effects.

Franco-German Initiative welcomes EU Capital Markets Recovery Package

Five French and German associations from the financial sector have jointly commented on the EU Capital Markets Recovery Package. The five associations are very supportive of the approach taken by the European Commission (EC).

Germany EU Council Presidency in 2020

Diversity is strength. As of July 2020, Germany will assume an important leadership role in the European Union by taking over the Council Presidency for six months. Subsequently, Germany will be part of the Trio Presidency together with Portugal and Slovenia for another twelve months in 2021. This will be a great opportunity to shape Europe.

Savings Banks Finance Group

Stress resistant due to solid capital ratios

Savings Banks are economic stabilisers in times of crisis. They had already demonstrated this impressively in the past financial crisis. The coronavirus pandemic is once again a significant challenge for the entire economy – and consequently also for the German banking sector.
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