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The German Savings Bank Association speaks up for savers in Germany and in particular for customers of the Savings Banks Finance Group. We care about the economic development in Germany and its regions, in Europe and worldwide. Our experts regularly contribute to current economic, fiscal, and political discussions. Read our positions below.

Chief Economists

Inflation and Monetary Policy (03.04.2024) 345,78KB Economy in Transition (05.10.2023) 1,02MB German Banking Market: Ready to finance the future (14.06.2023) 501,88KB Fresh Challenges for Monetary Policy (04.04.2023) 359,32KB Fiscal policy in challenging times (07.02.2023) 372,41KB Green Transformation in Challenging Times (20.11.2022) 411,33KB Banking Market Germany: Regulation with a Sense of Proportion! (18.05.2022) 257,34KB Monetary policy: Preventing entrenched Inflation! (05.04.2022) 554,80KB Debt in Europe: Challenges and Policy Options (07.12.2021) 485,26KB Cryptoassets - Weighing the opportunities and risks (05.11.2021) 432,96KB Strengthening private and public investment - overcoming the crisis sustainably (16.09.2021) 920,15KB The inflation spike - Reflex or Reflation? (05.07.2021) 433,32KB Banking regulation should support the coming upswing (05.05.2021) 611,79KB Public debt out of control both in and after the pandemic? (27.04.2021) 769,54KB The RCEP – A challenge for Europe too (23.02.2021) 943,85KB Light at the end of the tunnel!? The pandemic economy (26.01.2021) 351,34KB Brexit - is there an end in sight? (30.11.2020) 479,84KB The second Covid wave is rolling: Accompany structural change with a sense of proportion! (17.11.2020) 251,99KB Trump vs. Biden - A fact check ahead of the election (02.11.2020) 550,86KB German Banking Market: Robust in the Corona Crisis (01.10.2020) 551,00KB Monetary Policy: Crisis Measures are not Permanent Instruments (29.09.2020) 444,36KB Measuring inflation in the shadow of the pandemic (29.09.2020) 620,02KB Corona: Linking stability and sustainability! (17.06.2020) 1,16MB More transparency - Essential consequence of the judgment of the BVerfG (25..05.2020) 536,51KB The Corona Shock: Economic policy requirement (18.03.2020) 627,57KB Digital central bank currency: Curse or blessing? (19.02.2020) 181,91KB Review of the monetary policy strategy: maintaining objectives and increasing flexibility (06.02.2020) 239,08KB

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