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Prospects of recovery remain intact

The chief economists of the Savings Banks Finance Group are cautiously optimistic about the economic trends in Germany and Europe.

EPI: The European Payments Initiative

The European Payments Initiative (EPI) announces major Polish and Finnish banks and consortium of twelve Spanish credit institutions join as new founding shareholders.

EPI: The European Payments Initiative

The European Payments Initiative (EPI) enters the next phase with Worldline and Nets becoming shareholders of the EPI Interim Company, as the first third-party acquirers to join the initiative. EPI is also glad to announce the appointment of Dr. Joachim Schmalzl as chairman of the board and Martina Weimert as CEO of the Interim Company.

Schleweis: “This is not the time to centralise deposit guarantee schemes in Europe”

The German Savings Banks Association (DSGV) is against a centralisation of deposit guarantee schemes in Europe. “Trust in the stability of Germany as a financial centre is key to a rapid economic recovery. Centralising deposit guarantee schemes in the European Union would be counterproductive because it could undermine trust in Germany’s guarantee schemes, which have proven their effectiveness over many years”, said DSGV President Helmut Schleweis.

DSGV supports the "Principles for Responsible Banking" of the United Nations

The German Savings Banks and Association (DSGV – Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband) is a new supporter of the six Principles for Responsible Banking of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). "By supporting the UN Principles for Repsonsible Banking, the German Savings Banks Finance Group is making its commitment to sustainable development more visible both nationally and internationally," said Helmut Schleweis, DSGV President, today in Berlin.
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