The Savings Banks Finance Group has  a Corporate Family Rating of Aa2 from Moody’s Investors Service, a Floor Rating of A (high) from DBRS for all members of its Institution Protection Scheme – in particular for the Savings Banks, Landesbanken and central building societies, as well as a Group Rating of A+ from Fitch for all Savings Banks.

These ratings were obtained to take into account the increasing importance of external ratings in national and international financial and capital markets.

Moody’s Corporate Family Rating represents a financial strength assessment of the entire Savings Banks Finance Group.  

DBRS’ Floor Rating signifies a creditworthiness of all its Institution Protection Scheme of at least A (high).  No member of the Savings Banks Finance Group’s Institution Protection Scheme can fall below this assessment level.

As neither of the group evaluations represents a unified rating, it may be possible for Group members to achieve higher individual ratings than the Corporate Family Rating or the Floor Rating.

Fitch assigned a Group rating of A+ to all Savings Banks for the first time in 2010.

Moody's Corporate Family Rating, DBRS' Floor Rating and Fitch's Goup Rating can all be used on the capital market. The ratings of DBRS and Fitch can be used as individual ratings as they can be assigned individually to Group members.

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