Sparkassen-Card including a new digital co-badge makes mobile payment easier worldwide

16.08.2022 – Press Release 34

The Savings Banks Finance Group is increasing the range of services offered by the digital Sparkassen-Card in their "Mobile Payment" and Apple Pay apps. The functionality of digital Sparkassen-Card will be extended and now include the Debit Mastercard payment method. Customers will get the opportunity to make mobile payments anywhere in Germany and worldwide with the new digital version of the Sparkassen-Card. They will also automatically get the upgrade of the digital Sparkassen-Card in the coming weeks in case if they have already received the new plastic Sparkassen-Card including two payment methods, such as girocard and Debit Mastercard from their savings bank and if they use the digital Sparkassen-Card in the Mobile Payment app or in Apple Pay.

"The combination of girocard and Debit Mastercard in the digital Sparkassen-Card is a technical milestone offering great benefits for our customers. The Debit Mastercard payment method expands the range of services in millions of payment points in the shops worldwide, in online shops and apps," says Dr. Joachim Schmalzl, Managing Director of the German Savings Banks and Giro Association.

Processing payments becomes more convenient

At the same time, the combination is a clear commitment to the popular girocard payment method, having its advantages when paying and withdrawing cash in Germany.

Schmalzl concludes: "We are convinced that this combination and its digital character will enable the savings banks to add a very powerful debit card to their portfolio. It will be easier and more convenient for customers to process payments in their everyday lives. At the same time, it will strengthen the attractiveness of the Sparkassen current account."

The introduction of the digital Sparkassen-Card including both girocard and Debit Mastercard is an important step for the realignment of the card strategy following mastercard International Inc.'s announcement that it will withdraw its Maestro debit payment method from the market in most European countries from the second half of 2023. This development had already been announced. Therefore, the Savings Banks Finance Group decided to further develop its card strategy and to comprehensively modernize and completely digitize the Sparkassen-Card at an early stage. This step will allow savings banks to offer their customers more powerful debit card for the Sparkassen current account. In the 1st quarter of 2023 Visa's debit payment method (Visa Debit) will also be available with the same range of functions as the girocard in the digital Sparkassen-Card.

The Savings Banks Finance Group is a pioneer once more

The Sparkassen-Card with its new digital co-badge searches for its counterparts worldwide. Comparable products, in which two payment systems are digitally available in one card, are currently present only in Australia and New Zealand, France and Brazil.

Around 50 savings banks have already chosen the new Sparkassen-Card with Debit Mastercard function, they are already issuing the card or will soon start issuing it.

"Each savings bank decides independently on its preferred card product as part of its business and product policy. However, we assume that the majority of institutions will issue the new generation of the Sparkassen-Card from the second half of 2023 with girocard and the second debit payment method from Mastercard or Visa," says Schmalzl.

The expansion of the digital card offered by the savings banks constantly continues: Since last year, customers who use Apple Pay have also been able to use their Sparkassen-Card with girocard for payments in apps and online shops. The integration of the girocard function into giropay will follow in the fourth quarter of 2022. In the future, Android users will also be able to make payments with the Sparkassen-Card using the girocard payment method in apps and online shops via the "Mobile Payment" app. The digital business card will also be launched starting from December 2022 and will enable business customers to pay via smartphone with the company credit card.

About Apple Pay:

Apple Pay is the secure and confidential way to pay. Customers no longer need to give their payment card, touch buttons or change cash.

Customers should simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch against a payment terminal to make contactless payments. Every purchase with Apple Pay is secure because it is authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID, or a device pass code, as well as a one-time dynamic security code. Apple Pay is accepted in grocery stores, pharmacies, taxis, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and many other places.

Security and privacy are main priorities of Apple Pay. When customers use a credit or debit card with Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device or on Apple servers. Instead, a unique device account number is assigned, encrypted, and stored in the Secure Element, an industry-standard certified chip that securely stores payment information on the device.

For more information please check Apple Pay website: and

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