Savings banks support sustainable development in Germany

The term “sustainability” and taking steps towards sustainable development is not a new concept for savings banks; it is a living tradition. Since their establishment more than 200 years ago, savings banks have, in many ways, assumed responsibility for the people and the business enterprises in their region.

Today, savings banks everywhere in Germany are committed to economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development – both in their core business and beyond. Their goal is to safeguard and improve the quality of life in their local communities. They can do this because of the profits they generate in competition with other banks.

The business policy of the savings banks is geared toward meeting the needs of the people and business enterprises in their own communities. Unlike globally operating financial institutions, savings banks do not invest the deposits of their customers in international financial markets; instead, they return these funds to the regional economy by extending loans to enterprises and private customers.



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The Savings Banks Finance Group supports financial education in and outside the school environment and transfers knowledge to other countries.

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